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IMPORTANT UPDATED CASH MANAGEMENT MESSAGE: We are nearing the final phase of customer conversions to our new Cash Management platform. The last phase will occur the weekend of March 21st. Prior to that date we will be contacting you by email. This change will allow us to offer services that give you even more online account management flexibility. As a reminder only a small amount (approx. 30 days) of your current account and statement history will be transferred to the new tool. In preparation, we recommend that you print your account history and any online statements in your statement manager for record retention purposes. As always, if you need information or copies of items that were not included in the system conversion, we can provide that to you by request. Please look for further announcements here and in your email. For questions, contact a BrandBank Cash Management Specialist by email at cashmanagement@thebrandbank.com or by phone at 770-963-9224. Thank You BrandBank Cash Management
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